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Modular Program in Theology with an emphasis on Non-Traditional Church Planting

Module 1

  • Introduction and church planting with emphasis on  community transformation.

  • Kingdom Vision (Raise your eyes, the fields are ready).


Module 2

  • How to determine that a community needs a cult   plus?

  • Plant Churches 1. Family project and not individual.


Module 3


  • Gospel Centered Church Planting.

  • Pastoral of Families of the ministries.


Module 4


  • Psychosocial aspects that affect a church planter

  • Church planting 2. (native peoples) Indigenous Communities.


Module 5


  • How to plant churches in the city or in rural areas?

  • How to define the place to plant a church?



Modality: Online

Schedule: Frequency: 2 classes a week.

Duration: (2 courses per bimonthly block, in module 5 3 subjects will be taught).

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