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In Latin America and the Caribbean, we need more contextual theologies every day; theologies that respond to the reality of migration, violence, poverty, inequality and the new post-pandemic normality that has thrown back years and decades of work and effort to overcome poverty.

New ways of learning theology require new ways of teaching. De-academize theology and land it there, where it has to be real, in the contexts of people.

CCS Academia wants to reevaluate and rethink the traditional models of theological teaching and mission to be reborn, because it understands that there are only two options in the future of theological education that reads human contexts: transform or disappear.

Generations pass and time itself makes us see the need for a metamorphosis: the spirit and the teachings will be the same, but the form must adapt and respond to the how of the mission and in the contexts of the places where we do the mission. Enough of that mission that sees the other as an object; we need to de-academize and bring theology down to the streets, the countryside, the neighborhood, etc. and speak from subject to subject, because we can all do theology that impacts life and that dialogues with our contexts.

We transform disadvantaged communities through education for the mission. An education backed by 25 years answering the how of the mission.

New ways of learning require new ways of teaching.


We are a training academy, of the Shalom Christian community, dedicated to responding, proposing, accompanying, connecting, generating the hows of the mission in community transformation, planting non-traditional churches,  undertakings of economic self-sustainability, and the emergence of subversive ecclesialities. Everything from the base of the gospel, of local missionary life  and Latin American



To be an academy of excellence in training, which provides  responses to the hows of the mission, promoting and generating community transformation,  the establishment of subversive processes from the local Church  for the promotion of the Kingdom of God in Latin America.

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