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The Shalom Christian Community (CCS) is a Christian community, which was born 25 years ago in Fraijanes de Alajuela, Costa Rica, with a call from God, to accompany and support pastors and their churches, especially in Costa Rica and at a Latin American level, likewise in other places on our planet, where we have managed to reach more than 66 nations.  


We are founders of the Red del Camino movement, for the integral mission of Costa Rica.


Likewise, 17 years ago Shalom Global Missions was born, which has the purpose of providing spaces for Theological Training, inspired by the testimonies of practitioners of the path.


Our walk has led us by the hand of God to understand that we are believers and practitioners in propitiating, in the etymological sense of the word, being a subversive church to the traditional system (facing limitations, multiple oppositions, overcoming and breaking its own structures, ambiguous and de-contextualized to the work of the church and start this beautiful internship whose main task is "The Promotion of the KINGDOM of God in justice, power, love and peace.").


As servants of the Kingdom of Heaven, we wish to respond to the great gap that exists between academic theology and the hows of the mission, which are the great challenges of Latin American pastoral care. 

Based on multiple relationships throughout the Latin American continent, nourished by a diversity of ecclesialities, the facilitators provide us with these basic theological inputs and, very importantly, they will provide us with the methodologies and processes for implementation.

All our teachers have a track record in terms of transforming societies from deep theological content

We are governed by a principle:  No one can pretend to build a community of faith, without first dedicating enough time to exhaustively researching the historical-cultural background of that community, town, hamlet, neighborhood or neighbourhood.


Based on the aforementioned arguments, the CCS training academy was born

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