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Modular Program in Theology with an emphasis on subversive Ecclesiastes

Module 1

  • green churches.

  • Liberating Community Church (NO ABUSES).


Module 2

  • Evangelization not translations.

  • How to organize the life of the Church for all populations  intentionally and pedagogically?


Module 3

  • The use of technologies in the dissemination of the message.

  • Post-Modern Evangelization.


Module 4

  • Structure of a church with an emphasis on transformation  community.

  • Let's learn about cultures and sub cultural from anthropology.


Module 5

  • Children's Ministry.

  • Migrant Ministry


Module 6


  • Church in Politics.

  • Women's Ministry


Module 7

  • Ecclesiastical Administration for the mission.

  • Church and human rights.


Module 8

  • How is a church structured with this emphasis? What governs the administration or the mission?

  • Let's deworm, your prejudices can end your passion your passion  as a planter.

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